Caylin: “The One and only”.


Here was one of the best “Caylin” moments in the trip.

It was our second night on Jungle Training, and we were all huddled around the camp fire while it was pouring rain beyond the tarp. Pastor, our lead guide, had found a live cicada (a winged beetle) and was jokingly daring someone to eat it.

Caylin, without hesitation, said: “Sure, I’ll do it”.

None of us really knew each other at this point, and I remember thinking “Who is this guy? Is he really going to do this?”

Sure enough, Caylin smothered that cicada in honey and downed it. Looking back on it now and knowing Caylin as a good friend, I am not surprised at all that he ate the bug – such a Caylin thing to do.

Holly Thompson, Premed 2013.

(Photo taken by Tom Brown)


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