The road to paradise.

The road to paradise

Having expected the rough lifestyle of trekking through the jungle, adjusting to the daily routine seemed to be fairly easy.  However, what I did not expect was the instantaneous camaraderie that formed amongst us.

The jungle training groups formed into close-knit families and worked together on various problems from patching up tents to finding entertainment during downtime.

Everyone worked as a unit, leaving no man behind.

Where we come from does not determine who we are, but our purpose does. 

I believe that this is the reason why everyone worked together so well.  We came from various places to one location for the same reasons.

Looking back on the adventure now, I couldn’t imagine never going on it!  The people I met and the things I saw were a once in a life time opportunity.

I leave you with a small quote from my alma mater:

“Summer’s heat or winter’s cold, the seasons pass, the years will roll.

Time and change will surely show, how firm thy friendship.

Tony Brusnahan, Premed 2013.

(Far right in the photo)


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