Meet Dr Jonny Scrimshaw!

Dr Jonny ScrimshawHere’s our second tutor for 2014 – Dr Jonny Scrimshaw:

“Hello! I’m Jonny Scrimshaw, an Emergency Medicine registrar working in central London. Born and raised in Yorkshire, the finest of England’s green and pleasant land, I studied at Cambridge and continued to head south to the “Big Smoke” where I have remained ever since.

Work for me is more interesting when the stakes are high and seconds count. Emergency medicine and pre-hospital care, treating those most in need in a challenging environment, is what gets me up in the morning – I’m sure to have an interesting (if not entirely stress free) day every time I slip on the stethoscope! Outside of the hospital I work at sports events providing emergency cover for the crowd and players in such sporting pantheons as Chelsea Football Club, Saracens Rugby and Brentford FC (yes, Brentford!).
I have been lucky enough to travel to a lot of interesting places (never far from a cold beer as far as I can tell from my holiday snaps), but cut my teeth as an Army officer and served in Kosovo before studying medicine. I have also been on expedition in China and Pakistan. As such, I have called many dark and dirty holes home and have come to appreciate the need for excellent hand hygiene where toilets and toilet roll are in short supply!
Enough about me….I very much look forward to seeing you all in Honduras (weeks 3 & 4), where I hope to introduce you to medicine and show you that when it comes to providing care to the injured and sick, there is more to the job than being a walking textbook or pharmacy.
Until then, here are my top survival tips:
1. Have fun,
2. Don’t touch the bitey end of any snakes and
3. Wash your hands!
Love Jonny x”
Thanks Jonny, I’m not sure I can reciprocate the kiss though. See you out there! Dipak.

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