Alumnii: The confidence to achieve.

Michael Lau in Canada

Here is a very special post from one of our past graduates, Michael Lau. Over to you Mike!

“Two and half years ago, I stepped outside of my comfort zone with my best friend Riley. We signed up for Operation Wallacea’s 2012 pre-med expedition course.

In 2012, I had just completed my first year at the University of Calgary. Since day one, I had been part of the faculty of kinesiology. I had always been passionate and driven to learn about the human body. When the opportunity to learn about expedition medicine arose, I did everything in my power to take on this challenge.

At that time, I had never travelled without my family let alone to a developing country.

My mixed emotions prior to leaving Canada triggered chronic overthinking. I was anxious, nervous, scared and worried. I had no idea what to expect. The only thing for certain was that I had a reliable, smart, strong and understanding friend to share my experiences with.

After spending countless hours with friends and doctors on the trip, I found myself interested in expedition medicine. Dipak really inspired me to consider medicine as a potential lifetime career. I realized that I really enjoy building connections with those around me.

Another vision that Dipak had subconsciously taught me was confidence.

I was never a super confident individual growing up and through him I learned the importance of confidence. I remember Dipak telling me: “If you want to get into medicine, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, just keep trying. You will get in.”

In hindsight, a career in medicine is not for everyone and definitely requires someone with a special kind of personality. I am currently in my last year of study at University and am applying to a Chiropractic College in Toronto.

Chiropractic care will allow me to combine my passion for kinesiology, the human body and allow me to directly impact on a patient’s quality of life. I hope that it will also give me the opportunity to give back to underserved communities worldwide. With confidence I can say that my goal in life has become ever more defined since my time in Honduras.

I am grateful for my friends – Riley, Rebecca and Christine – that I am still in contact with. We are looking forward to our next adventure together to South East Asia later this year.

This trip changed my views towards the wilderness, life and friendship.

Honduras forever transformed me.”

Michael Lau.
Class of 2012


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