Expedition Medics

Expedition medic - ready.
Expedition medic – ready.

Want to be an expedition medic? I stumbled into this a few years ago by walking past a poster. It’s a great job and you end up going to places that you would never have dreamed of seeing and looking after lots of interesting people.

These days there are lots of courses dedicated into providing the necessary training and competence required to operate in the field. I would recommend you look into these before coming out. Life support training and courses like ATLS are useful too.

Always know your own limits and do not enter into anything that you are not trained to do.

Operation Wallacea, a massive not-for profit company that performs biological research and a key conservation player recruits a large number of medics – doctors, nurses and paramedics – each year to help look after it’s volunteers and staff in their many worldwide locations.

Fancy coming out? Contact Operation Wallacea at http://www.opwall.com and we’ll get the process rolling.

We are also for looking dynamic medics to join our faculty on the Operation Wallacea PreMed Course in Honduras. You’ve got to be cool, be great with people whilst balancing a plate on your finger tip blindfolded and then teach 5 people to do the same!



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