This course is designed for students doing a biomedical or science degree and who hope to apply for a medical degree or have an interest in medicine.

The 4 week package offered by Operation Wallacea includes:

A 3 day jungle training component to help orientate you to the new environment and a good romp through the park after you arrive. It’s great fun and a good way to stretch your legs after you arrive in Base Camp.

After that, you are taught intensively for a week by a medical tutor. This comprises of lectures, tutorials, and practical classes. An expedition is very different to a medical mission and we try to minimise the the number of real patients we see and treat! The aim is to teach you basic sciences, tropical medicine, and real life saving skills in a controlled manner in the lecture theatre and in tutorial sessions.

This is followed by a 2.5 day mini DNA-lab taught by some super nerdy scientists. What? PCR in the forest? Yes, it’s true – they’ve found a way to do it!

Your next two weeks allows you to progress with your science degree and conservation work with biodiversity surveying. You may also elect to shadow camp medics in the node camps although remember we try and minimise incidents before they happen!

Your final week is spent out on the dive site, learning to dive and helping with the research out there.

Whilst it’s not a licence to practice, it’s a great experience to add to your CV if you’re thinking of applying to medical school after you’ve finished your undergraduate degree.

For more information, see here:

The Operation Wallacea 2014 University Brochure: Opwall-Brochure-2014

Premed curriculum 2014 (coming soon to download!)


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